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Our Programs & Services

Business Development Services

Technical advice, business counselling, information and referral services to small and medium-sized businesses.
NECO is a site for the Canadian-Ontario Business Service Centre (COBSC).

Investment in Business

Term loans, loan guarantees, and equity investments to new and existing businesses for business start-up or business expansion.

Community Development

Partnering with organizations to design and coordinate community based development strategies.

Community Futures Development Corporation

FedNor’s Community Economic Development (CED) Unit assists northern and rural communities to strengthen and diversify their local economies through the Community Futures Program and other initiatives of FedNor and Industry Canada that support economic development at the community level.

The Community Futures Program

  • Community Futures organizations work with community partners, and support a network of Community Futures Development Corporations (CFDCs), which serve most of rural and Northern Ontario.
  • Each CFDC involves a broad range of people and organizations from local communities in choosing their own priorities for their economic future.
  • Economic, social, cultural, environmental and other factors important to the community are considered in choosing these priorities.
  • Community Futures provides resources for building the capacity to adapt to and manage economic change, including an effective development process, development of people, organizations and infrastructure.
  • CFDCs are incorporated non-profit organizations governed by a local volunteer board of directors that represent various community interests. With federal contributions and the guidance and support of FedNor’s CED officers, local CFDCs pursue their own priorities and strategies for development by creating and implementing a strategic community plan in co-operation with their partners.
  • CFDCs employ professional staff to work with their partners to assemble and co-ordinate the necessary skills and funds to plan and complete projects that build the foundation for a stronger local economy as envisioned in the community plan.
  • They also provide advice, information and referral service to local businesses and entrepreneurs. CFDCs also provide access to capital for small business financing by operating locally governed investment funds that can provide loans, loan guarantees or equity investments for business start-up, expansion or stabilization.

Why are CFDC’s Successful?

  • Community project initiatives and loan decisions are made by local business people who know their community.
  • The collective expertise and experience of the volunteer Board maximizes local networks to support community sustainability.
  • Community project partners and loan clients receive technical assistance and aftercare from professional staff or mentors as needed from the CFDC staff and Board members.
  • All revenue generated by projects or interest earned on CFDC loans is returned to the original portfolios thereby increasing the community based capital pools available to small businesses.

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