NECO Community Futures Development Corporation, through its Strategic Planning process, has identified that it must continue to support minority official language awareness initiatives and continue in developing tools and publications in both official languages.

NECO Community Futures Development Corporation will concentrate on activities that enhance innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainable communities. NECO Community Futures Development Corporation sees its objectives under Section 41 of the Official Languages Act very complimentary to the strategic directions and anticipates further involvement of the official languages minority community with respect to community social economic development.

By working together collectively and collaboratively in promoting the official languages, we can increase the efficiency of our programs, thus having an impact on their sustainability.

But with the participation of Industry Canada / FedNor and a more collaborative approach from the profit and not-for-profit sectors and the fact that we are promoting our programs and services in both official languages through community presentations, sponsorships and print advertising we firmly believe that it will strengthen the relationship with the local business people and at the same time create a certain comprehensive awareness about the importance of the official languages in social and community economic development opportunities.

Action Plan

NECO Community Futures Development Corporation staff continues to work in partnership with federal, provincial, municipal and community organizations. We look forward to identifying new partnership opportunities to implement activities benefiting the official languages minority communities. Through collaboration, communities will be better positioned to participate fully in the economic, social and cultural advancement of the Nipissing East region.

NECO Community Futures Development Corporation 2005 Minority Official Language Action Plan builds on the success of the Corporation over the past few years and will be enriched by feedback from the community as well as the future development of a long-term strategy for the Official Languages Act. This strategy will be a comprehensive and integrated approach to entrepreneurship, business and community economic development in the communities of the Nipissing East region.

Role and Responsibilities of the staff with respect to the Minority Official Language community:

Under the supervision of the general manager, the staff shall do the following but not limited to:

  • Responsible for overlooking Minority Official Language 2006-09 Action Plan
  • Coordinate activities around Minority Official Language 2006-09 Action Plan
  • Maintain adequate data on surveys, workshops, partnerships, intakes, general information
  • Ensure full participation of staff and regional stakeholders in the Minority Official Language 2006-09 Action Plan
  • Ensure all documentation pertaining to NECO Community Futures Development Corporation is available in both Official Languages
  • Answers customer’s complaints or inquiries with regards to the Official Languages Act
  • Other duties related to the Official Languages Act

Key Actions

Active Offer

Make available in both official languages any notice, advertisement, announcement, document or publication for the information primarily of members of the public who are residents in the community and; actively offer any service and ensure it is made to members of the public who are resident in the community and; provide in both official languages any service to members of the public who are residents in the community.

Human Resource Capacity

Provide in both official languages any service to members of the public who are residents of the community.

Working with the francophone community

Encourage members of both official language communities to participate in its activities and organize activities, when appropriate, to meet the needs of members of both official language communities, which would include:

  • Provide information packages on our products and services in the Francophone community
  • Work with Regional Business Network Partners, including Francophone organizations, financial institutions to deliver small business Courses in partnership with the E-Learning website to Francophone clients (topics and frequency to be determined as requested by the community)
  • Promote Local Initiative Contribution Fund to francophone communities within the Nipissing East region
  • In addition to ongoing dialogue with the Francophone communities, participate in formal consultation meetings between the Francophone communities and federal and provincial government departments/agencies on the implementation of the OLA, in annual general meetings of key representative organizations, and consult with federal and provincial counterparts on a regular basis
  • Enhance the relationship with the Northwestern Quebec CFDC/SADC to stimulate entrepreneurship for Francophones
  • Enhance the relationship between the NECO CFDC, Canada/Ontario Business Service Network partners and the federal, provincial and municipal Francophone Economic Development Organizations, committees and authorities
  • NECO’s Official Languages Action Plan will be posted on its website (
  • The Action Plan will also be provided to Industry Canada/FedNor
  • Ensure that all relevant informational/reference material available to entrepreneurs and SME’s through NECO CFDC and the Canada Ontario Business Service Centre are developed, produced and simultaneously available in both official languages, regardless of medium (e.g. printed matter or electronic mode)
  • Media advertising of NECO CFDC products/services/events will include the Francophone media. Special regional initiatives will be encouraged.
  • Use Francophone community radios to inform Francophone listeners about NECO CFDC programs and activities
  • NECO CFDC will maintain a book of “success stories” relating to Francophone SME’s and entrepreneurs, for use in speeches, MP householder mailings, and other information products
  • NECO CFDC will publish at least one success story per year, relating to NECO CFDC activity in implementing the OLA on the NECO website in the website newsletter
  • NECO will sponsor a Francophone volunteer luncheon

Participation of the Francophone Community in CFDC activities

Encourage the participation of the minority official language community to participate in various activities, such as the proposed activities:

  • NECO CFDC will host local business breakfasts monthly with francophone entrepreneurs and francophone businesses
  • NECO will host a Francophone business after hours
  • NECO will continue to sponsor events in the Francophone community
  • Provide bursaries to Collège Boréal and the Francophone secondary schools
  • Host a Francophone volunteer luncheon
  • Strategic planning session with the Francophone community
  • Participation in NECO client showcase and Chriskindle Market
  • Sponsorships

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