Our Community Development Initiatives

NECO Community Futures Development Corporation promotes local activities and projects to improve local economic conditions and employment opportunities in the East Nipissing and East Parry sound region.

NECO and community partners identify and pursue opportunities in the local economy through the development and implementation of feasibility studies and strategic plans.

NECO can provide advisory services, planning assistance, project facilitation and implementation, and assistance with funding as follows:

  • Data Collection & Analysis: Collection and collation of statistical data such as demographic summaries for the communities within the region.
  • Community Projects: NECO will…
    • Provide administration and technical support to various community projects.
    • Partner with other CED interests regarding issues of significance to future development potentials.
    • In cooperating with other economic and municipal parties, represent community perspectives to government or regulatory agencies regarding issues effecting economic health and development.
    • Cooperate with other business groups and agencies to develop economic and business tools.

Individuals or groups who would like to apply for funding assistance to help get their project up and running are encouraged to fill out our Local Initiative Project Fund Application Form >> PDF format / Microsoft Word format. Applicants are also strongly encouraged to read our LIP Application Guidelines >>  PDF format / Microsoft Word format.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate how the project benefits the region, and preference will be given to projects that create jobs, or have the potential to do so in the future and to projects that use partners, including community groups, service clubs, private enterprise or government.

Who is eligible to apply?

First Nation, municipalities or other non-profit community organizations operating within the boundaries of NECO CFDC stretching from Novar in the South, Tilden Lake in the North, Mattawa in the East and Loring/Port Loring in the West.

What types of projects may be considered eligible?

Eligible projects may include the following:

  • Pre-feasibility Studies
  • Capital Purchase small-scale capital projects
  • Community ICT Strategies/Projects
  • Projects to Promote Innovation and New Technology
  • E-commerce Promotion
  • Development of On-line Business Services
  • Feasibility /Business Plan
  • Research Projects
  • Environmental Assessment Reports
  • Leadership/Capacity Building (seminars/workshops)
  • Community Tourism Events
  • Project Implementation
  • Marketing/Promotional Activities
  • Other community-based economic development projects

What types of projects may be considered ineligible?

Ineligible Projects may include the following:

  • Conferences/Conventions with no on-going economic development impact
  • Ongoing operational activities of the Applicant
  • For-profit activities
  • Activities that create financial dependencies on government funding sources
  • Activities requiring other FedNor/Industry Canada contributions in addition to the Local Initiative Fund contribution

What kind of involvement could the Community Economic Development Committee of NECO have with a project?


  1. As a catalyst;
  2. As a co-ordinator;
  3. As a leader or instigator;
  4. As a facilitator;
  5. As a participant or partner (preferred);
  6. As a funder;
  7. In the role of monitor and evaluator throughout project duration;
  8. That one or more Board/Staff person may serve in some position with the implementation organization.

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